Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lazy Saturday Brunch at House, Dempsey Hill

Oh wow this is only the second post for 2013, we're already three weeks into the new year! Between work and a few wedding photo sessions we simply haven't had the time to sit down and write proper blog posts.

There is always time for Brunch on weekends, though, so today we jumped in the car and headed over to House over at Dempsey Hill to laze the morning away!

Relaxing isn't complete without food, though, so we start off with an order of Curry Mustard Fries (SGD9). I'm not sure where the 'mustard' comes from since these are topped with a huge amount of curry powder, paprika and sea salt - but no mustard. They're nice and savory without being overly salty (like most of McDonald's shaker fries varieties).

House apparently serves "Singapore's Best Tou Sar Pao" (self-proclaimed, I believe), so we order one to try. At SGD2.50 it's not the cheapest Pao around, but it is pretty good. Bread is nice and fluffy, the Sar (paste) is smooth and has a nice balance of bitter and sweet.

Cappucino and Latte (SGD6 each) to wash down our breakfast - we thought the coffee here was good, but as we're not java aficionados, your mileage may vary.

Moving on to the meaty (as in, substantial) stuff - Eggs Benedict (Poached Eggs on biscuits with ham, baby spinach and Hollandaise sauce, SGD18). We weren't sure what ham was used, but it was distinctly absent taste-wise. If you weren't paying attention you possibly wouldn't even have noticed it was there at all! Other than that the eggs were well poached and nicely sauced.

We very much liked the Asparagus, Serrano Ham & Crumbed Egg (SGD22). Asparagus was nice and well cooked, and complemented the saltiness of the ham. We also liked the crumbed soft boiled egg with its' shaved sea salt and deliciously runny yolk. Would certainly order this again the next time we're here.

The overall bill came up to a not-exactly-cheap SGD74 for two people; but practically all the eateries in Dempsey Hill are priced pretty upmarket anyways. House is at 8D Dempsey Road, Singapore. We'd recommended taking a cab here if you don't have wheels as it's one of those annoying-to-get-to-by-public-transport places in Singapore.

Weekend Brunch is served at 11am-4pm on Saturdays and 9am-4pm on Sundays. Call them up at +65 64757787 to make reservations. Non-halal.

* All photos in this blogpost were taken with the Google Nexus 4 because we forgot to bring our DSLRs :(


  1. wow, A+ for the presentation for the Asparagus, Serrano Ham & Crumbed Egg :D

  2. Fab pics for a phone camera :) but then again it's a nexus