Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pretty Custom Design Cookies by Patty's Cookies - suited for Wedding Favor, Party, Birthday, Valentine, CNY, Hari Raya, etc

Miserable Hotel favors that seems unappreciative from the wedding couple. Upgrading the gift = add unreasonable amount of money!

Been following Patty's Cookies Page on facebook <Click Here to View her facebook page> for a while and after planning out our wedding & there is a portion of the budget available. We've decided to take her as our gift vendor. ^_^ Her experience is within Malaysia, and also world wide from my knowledge of following her facebook page on & off she been shipping to Hong Kong & Singapore. With the way she package up the precious cookies so far mine do not have any damage cookies~

Patty's Cookies are so so so irresistible to keep it forever, beautifully done, too pretty to be eaten that she is on my list of getting her to bake & design our wedding door gifts for JB Banquet.

Best part is Petty Chua (Patty's Cookies owner name) will design a cookie that suits you! Drop her an email

Photo Spam Time of our Wedding Cookie Designs!!!

This was my reaction when i receive the cookies... trying to find out how many designs are there!

You would like to consider her as your vendor for parties, Cookie design Cake, corporate event cookies, any events there will be a design suited for the mood.

Click here for our blog page Road to Aisle for more of our wedding research & tips. Hope this list will help out in wedding & any party plannings of yours~

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