Monday, June 23, 2014

Pandan Juice and Concentrated Juice Instructions

This is a tedious but extremely worth doing for a more fragant cake or pastry that require this condiment instead of using Pandan Essence available on the shelves.

We will cover Pandan Juice and Concentrated Pandan Juice.

20 Pandan Leaves (or MORE!!!)
250ml Filtered Water

Remember to wash the Pandan Leaves. Discard the torny tip as it will itch your hands when you squeeze the juice. The white base must be discard too as it brings a slight bitter taste to the juice. We've portion each leaves after the wash.

Using a scissors snip the leaves as thin as you can. Why? Because Pandan is a very fibrous herb which it's long fibre is not easily break up.

Pour in the Filtered Water, drop in some of the Pandan Leaves, cover the cap and let the it whizz away!

Pour the blended pandan over a fine clothe and SQUEEZE! You'll get the lovely green juice. Discard the squeezed dry pandan fibres. Pour the Pandan Juice back in the blender and drop in some of the freshly snipped Pandan Leaves. Repeat this process until all your snipped pandan leaves are gone.

How to get Concentrated Juice?
Leave the Pandan Juice in the fridge overnight or 12hours, you'll see a layer of dark dark green sediment at the bottom. Pour away the upper layer of water and you'll have your concentrated juice.

Lesson Learnt:
1.Definately don't mind using at least 30 Pandan Leaves for my Pandan Kaya Cake Reipe (coming soon).
2. Do not freeze as it will loose it fragrance.
3. Keeps well in fridge for up to 2 weeks. Discard when smells like rotten leaves.

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