Saturday, December 20, 2014

BBQ Meat Butcher Supplier - Peter’s Butchery!

Quick post on our great finding of this fresh wholesale BBQ meat supplier shop we found in the East of Singapore!

We stumble across this friendly Peter’s Butchery via Google, their primary wholesale business is supplying to a wide range of meats to restaurants and pubs. For consumers like us, they have a special barbecue list with marinated meats and sausages. Their BBQ meat supplied are marinate fresh and not refrozen that makes them different from from other BBQ meat suppliers.

For most of us, it all boils down to the price difference to the other vendors~ The below order of meat (beef, lamb, pork, chicken) & sausages (pork, chicken) come up to a significant difference of SGD25++ (for the below 6kg order) compare to a few BBQ suppliers we have researched on.

Restrictions on delivery! They do home delivery only on working hours weekdays. So,collection from their shop is a better option.

Click here to check out their Online Order Form

Website :
Address : 32 Siglap Drive, S(456157)
Fax : +65 6468 1510
E-mail :
Or you can simply call them at +65 6462 5977
Opening Hours : Monday – Saturday, 1000hrs – 1700hrs
Closed On : Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays

Approx 2 kgs of Pork & Chicken Sausages

Approx 1 kgs of all the below wonderfully Marinated Beef, Lamb, Pork & Chicken


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