Saturday, April 2, 2016

Keisuke's Lobster King Ramen at Clarke Quay.

Keisuke Takeda is without a doubt the King of Singapore's Ramen scene. Within the last couple of years he's opened close to ten Ramen outlets around town - plus a couple of other experiments like Gyoza King and Ginza Tendon Itsuki. What we really like about his Ramen empire, though, is that each restaurant is a little different - Tonkotsu King concentrates on pork bone broth; Tori King dumps a whole broiled chicken drumstick/thigh on top of your noodles. Which brings us to Lobster King at Clarke Quay which, as you might expect, specializes in noodles in lobster broth.

At first glance, Lobster King's dining area seems uncharacteristically posh - to better fit in with the more upmarket Clarke Quay location, perhaps. One constant remains, though - the free flow of bean sprouts and (unflavoured) hard boiled eggs.

Ramen Keisuke Lobster King Clarke Quay

Lobster King presents a choice of four broths - Lobster (clear), Lobster (rich, pictured below), Miso Lobster and Spicy Miso Lobster. Prices vary slightly depending on which broth you choose, and vary quite a bit depending on how many accompaniments you order.

Ramen Keisuke Lobster King Clarke Quay

Speaking of accompaniments: Ordering the "special" gives you all toppings - ajitsuke tamago, seaweed, bamboo shoot, prawn wanton, deep fried prawn ball, and extra slices of pork and chicken chashu. It's a hearty bowl of food, and could be quite challenging if you've got a below average appetite. These toppings are generally pretty par for the course for Keisuke's standards, with the exception of the prawn wanton which we didn't quite like on account of there being way too much wanton skin.

Ramen Keisuke Miso Lobster King Clarke Quay

Where Lobster King really stamps its mark, though, is with the broth. It's safe to say that this is an extremely unique bowl of noodles - the soup's flavour profile is pretty similar to angmoh lobster bisque. This isn't a delicate broth. It's salty, it's strong, and it tries to hit your tastebuds hard and fast. In Spicy Miso Lobster rendition, it's perhaps on the verge of being too tasty, and not to mention surprisingly spicy.

Ramen Keisuke Lobster King Clarke Quay

Lobster King prices its Ramen slightly higher than normal - $21.90 for the all toppings "special" version. We've no idea whether this is due to the ingredients used for the broth, or due to higher rentals at the Clarke Quay location, though. If you're a fan of Ramen or if you're a fan of crustaceans you should most definitely try a bowl!

Lobster King is at The Cannery block of Clarke Quay. First come first served (no reservations allowed); Non-halal.

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