Sunday, August 21, 2016

Broccoli with Egg Gravy (Wat Tan a.k.a. 滑蛋)

1 tablespoon Vegetable Oil
1 head diced Garlic
2 florets Broccoli
1 tablespoon of Filtered Water
125ml Filtered Water (Optional: Chicken Stock, Vegetable Stock)
1 teaspoon Corn Flour
0.5 teaspoon Salt
0.5 teaspoon Sugar
1 teaspoon Worcester Sauce
1 teaspoon Fish Sauce
2 teaspoons Shaoxin Wine
Dash of White Pepper
1 beaten whole egg (Optional: 1 whole Egg White only)

Part 1: Heat pan then add Vegetable Oil. Pick up the pan and carefully swirl it to coat the bottom and sides. Add the Garlic and stir them until fragrant. Add Broccoli and 1 tablespoon of Filtered Water, cover and cook. Stir-fry until the broccoli is bright colored or until cooked. Dish the cooked broccoli into the serving plate, if possible leave the cooked garlic in the pan.

Part 2: Using the same pan. Pour in the mixed Filtered Water & Corn Flour, bring it to a simmer. Add all the seasoning (Salt, Sugar, Worcester Sauce, Fish Sauce, Shaoxin Wine, White Pepper), stir and let it simmer down.

Lastly, remove pan from heat and slowly drizzle in beaten egg, stirring gently with a fork in a clockwise motion. Pour egg gravy over Broccoli.

Below are my creations of varieties hopefully it'll inspire you. Hope you all will love this recipe.

Broccoli, Wolf-berries with Egg Gravy
1 tablespoon dried Wolf-berries

Add into Part 2 before adding all the seasoning.

Broccoli, Carrots with Egg Gravy
1 handful of sliced Carrot

Add into Part 1 together with the Broccoli.

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