Saturday, January 13, 2018

List of all Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman's Dessert Shops!

We've got a new favourite TV show on Netflix: Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman! Netflix markets it as a "Netflix Original," but we're not sure if it's really an original, or if it's just an international broadcast of an old/existing Japan TV series.

In any case, the entire show is based on a Manga: Saboriman Ametani Kantarou, in which book Salesman Kantarou plays hooky after his sales visits to visit dessert shops around Tokyo, eat sweets, and make orgasm faces.

Yes, really.

Kantaro Sweet Tooth Salaryman List of Shops Kantaro Sweet Tooth Salaryman List of Shops

The plot and storyline is a little absolutely bonkers in the way only Japan can be, but the introduction and descriptions of the various desserts and sweet shops are amazing. If you're looking for a list of the exact places covered in the TV series - perhaps if you're paying Tokyo a visit soon - we've got you covered! Unfortunately given the limited time, we could only cover about a third of the shops, though. Do leave us a comment if you've experienced any of the rest!

Ep1 (Anmitsu): Hatsune (初音), Ningyocho - [tabelog]
Ep2a (Kakigori): Amaikko (甘いっ子), Nishi Ogikubo - [tabelog]
Ep2b (Kakigori): Kouriya Peace ((氷屋ぴぃす), Kichijoji - [tabelog]
Ep3a (Mamekan): Irie (いり江), Monzen Nakacho - [tabelog]
Ep3b (Mamekan): Umemura (梅むら), Asakusa - [tabelog]
Ep3c (Mamekan): Akasaka Sagamiya (赤坂 相模屋), Akasaka - [tabelog]
Ep4 (Fruits Parfait): Kajitsuen Libre / Riiberu (果実園 リーベル 新宿店), Shinjuku - [tabelog]
Ep4b (Dorayaki): Seijuken (清寿軒), Kodemmacho - [tabelog]
Ep5 (Pancakes): Coffee Tengoku (珈琲 天国), Asakusa - [tabelog]
Ep6 (Bavarian Matcha Cream): Kinozen (紀の善), Iidabashi - [tabelog]
Ep7 (Savarin): Cafe Recherche (カフェ ルシェルシュ), Yamate - [tabelog]
Ep8 (Ohagi): Takeno to Ohagi (タケノとおはぎ), Sakura Shimmachi - [tabelog]
Ep9 (Eclairs): Rue de Passy (リュードパッシー), Gakugei Daigaku - [tabelog]
Ep10 (Caramel Pudding): Esse Due (エッセドゥエ), Akasaka - [tabelog]
Ep11 (Chocolate): Minimal (ミニマル), Yoyogi Koen - [tabelog]
Ep12 (Mont Blanc): Waguriya (和栗や), Sendagi - [tabelog]

As of today The Sweet Tooth Salaryman has only aired 12 episodes on Netflix; Check it out if you haven't already! We'll certainly update the map (and this page) when/if more episodes get released.


  1. Thanks for the list! I'll be visiting Japan in May and am in love with the show. I'll be sure to visit as many as I can!

  2. Hi! I love the list you made! I will on my next Tokyo visit definitively try some of them!

  3. Hi! Thanks for the list! I will definitely be checking out these places when I visit Japan!

  4. Visited Kooriya Peace! They do take out. Was great! Kantaro! ♡

  5. Making that list was an excellent idea.
    Thank you so much \( ̄▽ ̄)/
    I watched Saboriman Ametani Kantarou recently and I loved it
    ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡


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  7. Thanks for the list! Was able to visit Umemura, Waguriya, Kinozen & Coffee Tenguko on a recent trip. Umemura was definitely the most charming (along with Coffee Tenguko) and I think they were blown away that people in Australia have been watching the show.

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