Saturday, February 24, 2018

Review: Kit Kat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby (Ruby Chocolate, Kit Kat Japan)

👍 Getting such strong berry flavours purely chocolate feels like wizardry.
👎 USD4.05/SGD5.35/JPY432 for a single stick of Kit Kat is crazy expensive.

You probably know that generally speaking, there are three types of chocolate: Milk, Dark and White. Well, apparently now there's a fourth type: Ruby Chocolate! You can read all about it in more detail on Barry Callebaut's Website, but in a nutshell, taking a special type of cocoa bean and processing it in a special way results in a chocolate that is naturally pink (in colour) and tastes like berries.

We're not exactly sure what the commercial arrangements are between the companies involved, but the world premiere of this new chocolate rests in the hands of Kit Kat Japan, which has produced a limited run of Ruby Chocolate wafers under the Sublime Ruby name!

Kit Kat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby

When we were in Japan last week we picked up a 7-pack Sublime Ruby gift box for ¥2592 (yes, you counted right, that is on average SGD4.50 per stick of Kit Kat), which includes two sticks of Sublime Ruby, and one each of Milk, Bitter (Dark), White, Green Tea, and Raw Kit Kat Fingers.

Kit Kat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby

You'd think that at this price point the wafers would be a little larger but no, they are exactly the same size as regular Kit Kats.

Kit Kat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby

The verdict? Well, it's actually pretty cool to get a pink chocolate that really does taste like strawberries / mixed berries (and yet there are no berries, or berry flavours, or any pink colours).

But the pricing is really something else. Kit Kat sells single sticks at ¥432 (USD4.05/SGD5.35), which to be honest is eye-bleedingly expensive. When the exclusive arrangement expires, I'm sure that Ruby Chocolate will start appearing in more products in more countries, and prices will hopefully / surely drop.

In the meantime if you really must try this new chocolate type before anyone else, then get somebody in Japan to buy one for you; or if you're a resident in USA, Europe, HK and Macau, you can order some directly from Japan: 10 sticks of Ruby Kit Kat + 24 mini sticks of Green Tea Kit Kat will "only" cost you ¥10000. Happy eating!

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