Sunday, March 10, 2019

Superb Korean BBQ (charcoal) at Pujim BBQ, Amoy Street!

👍 High-Quality meats grilled over charcoal, service was very good!
👎 Banchan (side dishes) weren't the best.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of Korean BBQ places all around the island, so it's really quite easy to satisfy a Korean BBQ craving when you get one. Many of these places are quite mediocre, though: Either their meat is sub-par (typical of all-you-can-eat joints), or the grill is electric/infrared. So we were quite excited to visit Pujim BBQ over at the Telok Ayer area (Amoy Street, to be exact)!

The dining area feels quite industrial, with bare concrete floors and unfinished brick walls. The neon purple lighting does give the experience a bit of an edgy vibe. We're pleased to report that the suction/exhaust system in use is strong, so you don't get any lingering smoke in the air. You will still leave with a noticeable grilled meats aroma in your clothes, though, so keep that in mind if you're planning a lunch visit on a working weekday.

Pujim BBQ

The banchan (side dishes) were perhaps a tad bit underwhelming, with only salad and fish cake complementing the kimchi and various pickles. But that's okay as we're really here to stuff ourselves on charcoal-grilled meat!

Pujim BBQ Banchan

The cut of meat on the first page of the menu - and also the first thing we immediately ordered - was this amazing Rib Eye Cap (amusingly enough it's called "prawn" on the menu). If you've never heard of this cut before, picture a rib eye steak. The rib-eye normally comes with a large section flanked (and separated by a layer of fat) on the top and side by a smaller strip of meat. This smaller strip of meat is the "Cap" of the Rib Eye and is crazily tender, fatty, juicy, and beefy. It's the "tastiest part on the cow," and so it's pretty amazing to be able to order it on its own.

Pujim BBQ Prawn Rib Eye Cap

We also ordered some Boneless Beef Rib (Galbi/Karubi), which was really nicely marbled ...

Pujim BBQ Boneless Beef Rib

... and Pork Jowl and Pork Belly for some variety.

Pujim BBQ Pork Jowl and Belly

Another huge plus point (for us) at Pujim is that the waiters/waitresses help you grill your meat over the charcoal pit. I know that grilling meat on your own is perhaps one of the fun parts of a Korean BBQ dinner, but sometimes it's nice to have the professionals take care of that for you so you can concentrate on eating.

Pujim BBQ Cooked Rib Eye Cap

We thought that the way they 'serve' the cooked meat - on top of a slice of bread - was quite interesting. Excess juices were soaked up by the bread, and the meat got just the right amount of indirect heat to keep it warm without continuing to cook more.

Pujim BBQ Cooked Boneless Beef Rib

The resulting grilled morsels were - as you'd expect given the amount of marbling evident in all of the meats - absolutely delicious. Oh and the waiters/waitresses do ask you for your temperature preferences, too, so don't worry about getting a lot of pink and red everywhere if you prefer your meat on the well-done side.

Pujim BBQ Cooked Pork Jowl

Oh, we also do prefer the pork belly being 'thick cut' style rather than the thin, strip style that pork belly is normally served up at other Korean BBQ restaurants.

Pujim BBQ Cooked Pork Belly

At around s$48 per person after taxes, the meal here at Pujim certainly isn't cheap, but in our opinions it was really worth it. I mean for comparison, going to a cheap Korean BBQ buffet place will cost you around s$30 anyway, but the quality of meat, service, and the overall experience is many orders of magnitude inferior to what you get at Pujim. Highly recommended!

Pujim BBQ is at 82 Amoy St. Non-Halal.


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