Sunday, May 12, 2019

Superb Roast Duck and other ducky dishes at Duckland, United Square.

👍 Extremely well executed Roast Duck, with great balance of fat and crispy skin.
👎 Dining area is very busy and noisy.

A really short and sweet post from us today, covering one of the Tung Lok Group's most recent contemporary restaurant concepts: Duckland!

Duckland Menu

Located in the basement of United Square, Duckland's signature dish is - of course - the Roast Irish duck, but it also has quite a number of imaginative east-meets-west crossover-style duck-themed dishes. Being a shopping mall restaurant, the dining area does tend to be a bit busy and noisy, but at least reservations are accepted so you don't have to queue.

Duckland Restaurant

Speaking of said crossover dishes, we started off with the Duck Liver Terrine (s$15), served on crispy toast and rum-infused marmalade. It's a delicious starter, but it does take a little time to get used to combining these Western flavours with the Eastern style main course.

Duckland Duck Liver Terrine

The star of the show is - naturally - the Roast Irish Duck (s$28 half, s$50 whole). Duckland's execution is superb: The breast portion of the duck is sinfully fatty (as you'd expect from the Irish duck), but the skin of the leg/drumstick area is crisp and delicate: almost as crispy as a good Peking duck. Seasoning is on point, too.

Duckland serves their roast duck with raspberry jam, sriracha, and mustard, but we very much preferred just having it with the gravy made from the duck drippings.

Duckland Roast Irish Duck with Duck Rice

Duck Rice (pictured above) is an s$2 add-on; Duck Broth (pictured below) is a s$4 add-on. We'd recommend adding on the rice (to have a Roast Duck Rice "feel"), but we felt that the duck broth was somewhat mediocre & uninteresting.

Duckland Duck Broth

Unfortunately it was just the darling and I visiting, so we didn't have the stomach to try the other items on the menu. When we return we've got our eyes on the Duck Confit & Waffle and the Duck Fried Rice. Oh, and if any of your dining party doesn't eat duck, there are also non-duck dishes like the Good ol' Fish and Chips and Irish Lamb Stew.

Duckland is at B1-09&64/65 United Square Shopping Mall, and opens daily. Reservations recommended; Non-halal.

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