Saturday, October 22, 2011

Feed your Inner Carnivore at the Beef Baron!

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I think my job is pretty awesome. Yes it's stressful and there are quite a few big drawbacks, but at least I get to go places that I wouldn't otherwise think of going to. And to eat at some fancy places at the company's expense. Like the Beef Baron Rib and Grill restaurant in the Peermont Walmont Hotel in Botswana. So let's get down to the eating business!

There's a bottle of wine on the table when I'm seated, but having almost zero capability to hold alcohol, I have a coke and an apple juice instead.

The complimentary sliced bread loaf is nice, warm, soft and fluffy. It comes with one plain butter, and two flavored ones. The marmite butter tastes exactly like marmite and isn't to my liking, but the garlic/parsley butter is nice!

Pity, then, that the soup of the day (cream of leek) is awful. Extremely salty and with chunks of not-completely-dissolved cream/starch. Terrible.

You can choose your Calamari grilled or deep fried. I chose grilled, which comes with a pretty nice lemon butter sauce. Rice was a bit underwhelming though.

On to the main courses, then, starting with 600g of grilled pork ribs. No complaints about the flavour - it's a sweet and slightly tangy honey BBQ sauce and tastes delicious! However, the meat on the ribs, like other ribs I've tried in Africa, isn't the fork-tender, fall-off-the-bone variety that I'm used to. They're quite chewy! I wouldn't classify it as "tough," but it certainly means that you pretty much have to use your fingers to pull the meat off with your teeth.

No rib-eye available on the menu so I order a medium-rare 200g sirloin steak which annoyingly comes closer to medium-well. I've got no complaints about the taste & the basting, but I don't understand how a restaurant that specializes in steak can get the done-ness wrong.

The ambience of the place is quite nice! It's wood everywhere and has a very classy "feel"/ambience to it ...

... pity, then, that the food isn't all that great. Drink, appetizer and Main Course will run you about 170-180 BWP per person (MYR 72 - 77), so it's actually pretty damn expensive, even taking into account the "restaurant in a hotel" premium.


  1. wow! lucky till over eat so much..

  2. its cool you get to travel and eat in so many places.

    just curious, what do you do for a living there bro?