Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Juice Exploration ::: Kiwi + Orange Juice

With the success of our adventure with Kiwi & Fuju Apple Juice. We wonder how about replacing the Fuji Apple with Orange! The result was good.


Proportions to make it taste good!
1 part Kiwi
1 part Fuji Apple

Kiwi skin may add a slightly bitter taste to the juice, however, it's your choice to keep the skin intact or removed it. Peel & slice the orange up and then juice them in your juicer. I love to chill my fruits so I do not need to add ice which will dilute the juice when it melt.

Health Benefit of Kiwi Juice
Vitamin C
Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Promote health and longevity
Rich in minerals
Protective phytochemicals
Reduces high blood pressure
Regulates heart beat
Boosts our immune system
Helps with iron absorption
Prevention of anaemia
Valuable antioxidants that protect cells from free-radical damage
Improves eyesight.
Supports energy metabolism and nerve function
Folate, or folic acid, plays an essential role in making new body cells **hint** it's essential for women planning pregnancy and during pregnancy.
Aids our fluid balance.
Keep the liver, skin, joints, and muscles healthy.
Respiratory tract health.

When is the best time to cut kiwi in general?
Select kiwifruits by holding them between your thumb and forefinger and gently apply pressure. Ripe Kiwi that have the sweetest taste will feel a little soft. If kiwi fruits is not a little soft when you gently apply pressure with your thumb and forefinger, they have reached the peak of their sweetness and are not yet ready to be consumed.

How to store kiwis?
For storage or more gradual ripening, keep either ripe or unripe kiwis in the refrigerator for no longer than 1-2 weeks. It can be left to ripen for a few days to a week at room temperature, away from exposure to sunlight and heat. For speedy ripening process, placing the kiwi fruits in a paper bag with an apple, banana or pear it will help.

Next let's learn a little about Fuji apples. It's the most loved apple, which everyone would actually have it and go with the saying 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'.

Health Benefit of Orange Juice
Vitamin B
Vitamin C
Vitamin P
Boosting the immune system
balanced metabolism
excellent blood pressure
lower bad cholesterol levels
bring some relief to those who suffer from arthritis pains
can be used as a part of weight loss program
Prevent Kidney Stones
Prevent Ulcers and Reduce Risk for Stomach Cancer
Protect Respiratory Health
Protect Against Rheumatoid Arthritis
help with lung and skin disorders
helps with indigestion, constipation and all digestive problems
good cleanser of the internal system
calms the nervous system
making it effective in treating nervousness, anxiety and insomnia

How to choose oranges in general?
Choose the ones that has smoothly textured skin and are firm and heavy for their size. It will have a higher juice content, than those that are either spongy or lighter in weight.

How to store oranges?
- At room temperature or in the refrigerator. It generally can last two weeks with either method and retain nearly the same level of their vitamin content. The best way to store oranges is loose to avoid it being exposed to moisture, as they can easily develop mold.
- Orange juice and zest can be stored for later use. Freeze the freshly squeezed orange juice then store them in plastic bags in the freezer. Orange zest that are dried should be stored in a cool, dry place and a must too in an airtight glass container.

Note to take
- Rinse your mouth with water after drinking orange juice as the acidic can weaken our tooth enamel.
- It is recommended to eat a slice of tomato or cucumber after drinking acidic juices.

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  1. ooo, i wonder if kiwi and mangoes would also combine well for a nice juice :D

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  3. Thank you for these great healthy fruits smoothy drink recipes! Regarding the orange juice, what would you recommend in place of the pear when they aren’t available? Thanks for all you do!
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