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~~The satisfaction of feeding and getting a big smile in return is always a pleasure~~

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Party Ideas
April Fool::: HamburgerApril Fool::: Cinnamon Fries
McD mini Hamburger & Cinnamon Fries
*Coca-Cola Drumlets
Coca-Cola Simmered Drumlets
*Korean Appetizer - Sweet Ikan Bilis with Cucumber
Korean Sweet Anchovies with Cucumber
*Chicken Breast Nuggets
Secret to make KFC Chicken Nuggets!

Truffle Fries

Seaweed Shaker Fries

Tortilla Wrap Pizza Mix & Match Topping Ideas

Snack Ideas

Homemade Pork Bakkwa a.k.a. Chinese Pork Jerky Recipe

It can be any Sandwiches below or these!
Breakfast Exploration!
Big Breakfast Idea ONE ^_^
Instant Noodles Cafe Style
Noodles Exploration I::: Similar to Cafe Style Ham & Egg Instant Noodle Set!! *Slurps*
Lor Mai Kai / Glutinous Chicken Rice / 糯米鸡
Lor Mai Kai / Dim Sum Glutinous Chicken Rice / 糯米鸡
Butter Milk Pancakes
Home made Butter Milk Batter Pancakes

Breakfast Cup Exploration ::: White Bread + Streaky Bacon + Egg

Peanut Butter French Toast (Hong Kong Cafe Style)

Kaya Butter Toast Set Recipe

KFC Chicken Sandwich
KFC Chicken Sandwich
Homecook::: Triple Decker ToastHomemade::: Triple Decker Sandwiches
Triple-Decker Sandwich
Tuna Croissant
Flaky Tuna Mayo Croissant
Bacon, Grilled Ham, Hash Browns, Egg, Salad Sandwich-1
Bacon, Grilled Ham, Hash Browns, Egg, Salad Sandwich
*Cheddar Cheese Toast 1
Cheddar Cheese Toast

Egg Mayonnaise Sandwiches