Saturday, December 22, 2012

Singapore's Best Burger? Omakase Burger @ (Former) Grandstand

Let me start off by saying that Omakase Burger isn't quite accurately named. It isn't anything like the Japanese omakase where you're at the "mercy" of the chef's whims and fancies (and talents). Instead, you order off a fairly standard list of available burgers, sides and drinks - like any normal burger joint.

Except that the burgers are anything but normal. There's been some talk going on about Omakase's burgers being the so-called current "best in Singapore," but that's a mighty bold claim in a city full of delicious burger goodness including Chef Daniel Boulod's db Burger over at his bistro in Marina Bay Sands.

Our order for the day was the Omakase Cheeseburger (SGD13.90) and Bacon Cheeseburger ($15.90), both Medium Rare, with a large side order of Truffle Fries (SGD7.90). The patties, which are ground, blended and hand-formed daily, are the juiciest I've ever eaten in a burger.

So juicy, in fact, that you really do need to eat quickly otherwise the juices flow out and turn the bottom half of the bun into a mushy mess of wet bread.

The other ingredients were perhaps less special; and in particular the Truffle Fries which could have used a lot more sprinkling of truffle oil. I mean, it's not like anybody this end of the budget spectrum uses real truffle oil anyway - it's all just olive oil with "truffle aroma."

Our burgers were washed down with A&W Root Beer floats (SGD5.50 each), with a generous helping of soft-serve ice cream.

So is this the "Best Burger in Singapore?" It's definitely a very good burger, and priced pretty reasonably too, but "best" is perhaps a step too far. Its' location is pretty crap too - you'll need to either drive here or take a taxi.

Omakase Burger is at The Grandstand of the former Turf Club (on the left of Giant supermarket if you're facing it). Non halal.


  1. wonder why they chose 'omakase' as a name ... it's catchy and memorable, but ya, maybe a bit confusing initially. at any rate, sounds like a burger worth eating! will keep it in mind for any future trips to singapore :D

    1. Yeah, in the foodie world "omakase" has a certain meaning that definitely doesn't apply to this place! Burger's still good though, although I'm not sure it's worth the trip *if* you don't have a car (or not willing to spend on a taxi)

  2. Burger looks decent...washing it down with root beer and ice cream is certainly a delightful thing to do. That's giving me ideas...perhaps I should end our home made burger dinner tonight with root beer float and a huge dollop of vanilla ice cream!