Thursday, December 13, 2012

Superb Herbal Duck at Dian Xiao Er (Changi Airport T3)

We're back to reviewing yet another restaurant in Changi Airport - this time it's Dian Xiao Er in Terminal 3 (public area). We're pretty frequent diners at various restaurants in the airport, partially because we live and work in the East, but mostly because the public areas here is like a mini shopping centre. Plus, shopping's even cheaper than elsewhere in the country thanks to GST waiver :)

So anyway, Dian Xiao Er. Their main selling point here is their Roasted Duck, which comes in three different varieties - Angelica Herb, Wild Ginseng, and the one that we tried - Duck Roasted with Ten Wonder Herbs (SGD13.60 for a small portion). We really dig the strong herb-ey (in a Chinese way) gravy which complements the well roasted duck very well; although if you're not a duck lover this dish might not be for you as the poultry here has a fairly strong "duck" taste.

If you don't like duck it's OK, though, because the restaurant also serves a variety of other Chinese "Big Fry" style dishes. Our HK Style Fish Slices (SGD11.60) was pretty nice taste-wise, with a nice balance of sweetness and saltiness of the gravy. However what ruined the dish for us was that it had very obviously already been steamed prior to us ordering, and sitting out in the open for quite a while before being served - the slices of fish had already dried out from the air conditioning.

We also tried the Golden Tofu (SGD7.90), which honestly was nothing to shout about. The tofu is the "homemade" style and was sort of a cross between actual tofu and egg-tofu (like Japanese tofu).

So overall we come away with mixed feelings - we were as impressed with the duck as we were disappointed with the other dishes. Nevertheless we felt that the deliciousness of the roasted duck here warrants a return trip - the question then is whether to stick with the Ten Herbs sauce or to try one of the other sauces.

Dian Xiao Er currently has eight outlets around Singapore. Check out their Website for locations. Non-halal.

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  1. what a great name, duck with ten wonder herbs. it does make me curious about what exactly all those ten herbs are. must google it :D