Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ice Jelly Dessert (includes steps and different varieties ideas)

On a hot day this would be a bowl of dessert that will come to my mind. Simple refreshing, sweet and most importantly cold.

During my childhood, my family always chill off by heading out to the food court to have desserts. This is one of the popular choice on the menu.

Base Cookie Dough Ingredients:
1 pack of Instant Ice Jelly Powder
4-5 Ice Cubes / Crushed Ice
2 tablespoons Lime Juice
1 tablespoon Sugar Syrup / Honey

Step By Step
  1. Prepare the Ice Jelly by follow packaging instructions. Normally one pack can serve up to 4 bowls or more.
  2. Scoop Ice Jelly into a bowl, add Ice Cubes / Crushed Ice, Lime Juice and Sugar Syrup / Honey.
  3. Top it off with any fruits you love. Below are some ideas of ours.

Some Extra Tips Below:
- Adjust the sugar level to your liking.
- Crush ice is a better choice.

Below is my creations hopefully it'll inspire you. You may split the base cookie dough is 2 parts and half the portion as per suggested below for more varieties. Hope you all will love this recipe.

Lychee Ice Jelly Dessert
6 pieces Lychee
2 tablespoons Nata de Coco
2 tablespoons Rainbow Tadpole

Click here for our blog page Dessert and Drinks Recipes for more ideas. Hope you will be inspired~

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