Sunday, February 28, 2016

Melty Pineapple Tarts / Balls / Golf Balls Recipe

This year we tried another version of Pineapple Tart. The Melty Pineapple Tart!

Ingredients for approx 100 balls
1kg Pineapple Paste
360g Salted Butter
110g Condensed Milk
510g All Purpose Flour
80g Full Cream Milk Powder
2 Egg Yolks

Egg Wash : 1 egg yolk

Step 1 For convenience on the assemble part. Shape the Pineapple Jam and layer them with plastic for easier removal. (10g each)
Step 2 Cream Butter and Condensed Milk until fluffy, add in the Egg Yolks one by one and whisk until smooth.
Step 3 Sift the All Purpose Flour. Add in to the fluffed mixture part by part. Slowly a not sticky dough will form.
Step 4 Roll Dough into ball (10g each)
Step 5 Use both palms to flatten a dough. Place a rolled pineapple paste in the middle. Gently bring the edges of the dough together and seal at the end leaving no sight of any Pineapple Paste. To ensure the shape is round, roll it in between your palms to shape it nicely into a ball. Repeat until all done.
Step 6 Pre-heat the oven to 165°C.
Step 7 Apply egg wash with a brush.
Step 8 Bake for approx 23 to 25 mins. Until slightly golden brown then remove from oven.
Step 9 Lastly, ensure that it is totally cool before storing it in a air tight container.


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