Sunday, April 18, 2010

Angus House at Pavilion KL

Saturday night dinner & movie! Went to Angus House at Pavilion for some meaty steaky goodness!

For such a fairly upper class restaurant, the decoration is pretty plain. White tiled floor and non-descript furniture. The waiters/waitresses were polite and friendly, but the darling commented on a lack of skill when actually serving our food. Nevertheless, the steaks are grilled in full view of the dining area which is nice :D

We start off with Consommé a la Angus House (MYR14.00). The clear broth with bits of tomato and brocolli was, in my opinion, rather plain and unremarkable, but the darling assures me that the soup was in fact, "pretty good." Quick search on Wikipedia reveals that "consommé has maintained its place as one of the most highly regarded and appreciated soups in the world" so I'll put it down as just me having limited experience in the world of fine dining :)

Moving on to what I do know how to appreciate, is a 300gm Charcoal Grill Rib-Eye ($97.00). I have mine Medium-Rare; the darling has her 200gm rib-eye Medium (MYR75.00). This was an awesome steak; no fancy sauces necessary and just the perfect flavor and juices of a great slab of meat. Definitely miles above the $20 black pepper steaks you get in normal restaurants, and in my opinion worth every ringgit.

Surprisingly, Angus House turned out to be much better value for money than I expected, especially when you consider that adding $20+ to your steak buys you a "set meal" of starter, soup, salad, bread and dessert. Would definitely come back again - we're eyeing the Master Kobe Wagyu Sirloin. Needs to be a special occasion though, 200gm of that is MYR280.

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  1. first expensive steak i ever eaten...
    growing to taste and like things more like you!