Thursday, April 8, 2010

EuroDeli Shop in Damansara Kim

It's amazing how often we learn new things. Last weekend, I learned that there are two Jalan 20/7's in PJ area. Was hunting for a famous char siu shop in the Jalan 20/7 near Jaya, but Google Maps helpfully directed us to Jalan SS 20/7 in Damansara Kim.

Having thus failed miserably in locating anything resembling char siu, we did the next closest thing - Pork at EuroDeli Shop!

The interior is minimalist with a plain black ceiling and unremarkable furnishings. What's different is a fridge on the left side of the restaurant selling deli sausages, ham, bacon, etc. Genius really. Come for lunch, enjoy the food, and buy even more meat to take home.

I had the Rolled Stuffed Pork Belly for MYR28.00. The different cuts of pork meat all rolled up was juicy and tender. However the skin was tough rather than crispy, and the entire dish was overpowered by excessive gravy. I'm a believer that gravy should complement a dish and not be the main taste.

The darling had the Roasted Pork Knuckles, also for MYR28.00. The serving was big, but again the skin was tougher than it was crispy, and this dish too suffered from the gravy taking centre stage taste-wise.

I have to thus conclude that although the taste of both dishes was nothing more than slightly above average, the servings are big and are very value for money. Between the two of us we managed only to finish off the Pork Belly and less than half the knuckle. Would I come again if I was in the area? Yes. Would I drive all the way here from home to satisfy a pork craving? Mmmmmmm ... probably not, there are other better places.

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  1. the Pork Knuckles are so so so super BIG... advice... can be shared by 2... ^.^
    unless you want to bring home the rest to cook porridge...