Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Delicious at One Utama

Wasn't feeling particularly hungry on Sunday night (no small thanks to a 'teatime' drink of a large A&W Root Beer), so decided to pop down to Delicious in One Utama.

Started off with the Garden Greens with House Dressing for MYR12.90. It's hard to justify paying almost $15 (after taxes) for what is essentially a pack of mixed lettuce that you can buy at a Supermarket for a quarter of the price, but I wanted some greens. House dressing wasn't anything special either.

The darling and I shared Mama's Beef Bolognese (MYR19.90). This is my favorite Delicious dish, and one of the best tomato-sauce based pasta I've ever tasted. The sauce is thick and meaty, and the generous slices of Parmesan cheese make it an extremely rich and siok affair.

Another thing I love about Delicious are the desserts - no stomach for it this time, sadly, but I will return to conquer a brownie ... or two ... another day!

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  1. i remember the day i went in office for unofficial work... you fetch me out to head to Delicious @ Bangsar Village... the desserts are nice... when we can head back to have more?