Monday, July 19, 2010

Tsim Tung Restaurant - char chan teng (HK-style cafe)

Over the weekend the gang was in Pandan Indah area, and wanting a drink and some food we stumble across Tsim Tung Restaurant.

From the outside it looks remarkably like a fairly up-market "dai chou" (big fry) Chinese restaurant, but it's a char chan teng (HK-style cafe) through-and-through.

French Toast (of some sort - MYR4.20). I sort of remember this being the peanut butter variety. I've got the receipt with me like a good little food blogger - but I can't properly read it cos it's in Chinese :P

I do know what this is though - it's the Pork Chop Nissin Noodle (MYR6.90). You'd think that Nissin noodles would be standard everywhere, but I find the soup served here less tasty than in the other char chan teng's such as Wong Kok or Kim Gary.

Chu Zhai Pao ("Piglet bun" - MYR3.50). Amusing that a bun with 'piglet' in the name is neither shaped like a pig, nor does it have any pork in it. It's just a plain bun with condensed milk :).

Overall, and in comparison to the average char chan teng, I find Tsim Tung to be below average in terms of quality of food, decoration, and service. OK for a quick bite if you're hungry and are in the area, but otherwise there isn't much point.

Tsim Tung Restaurant
22-28, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/6,
55100 Kuala Lumpur‎

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