Monday, July 12, 2010

Blackmore Wagyu Special at Prime (Le Meridien KL).

OK I know, I haven't reviewed that many restaurants & eating places, and here I am posting about Prime for a *third* time. This time is special, though! Prime's July special is Blackmore Wagyu - in their own words:


Highly demanded and only sold to the best restaurants worldwide, the Blackmore Wagyu Beef is finally here! For the very first time, it is available in Malaysia only at Prime. Directly airflown from Australia, this premier beef is intensely sweet, delicate and persistent in flavour. You have never experienced 'melt in the mouth' goodness until you try this 100% fullblood Japanese Wagyu.

Be the first to discover perfection..."

How to resist after reading that? Hehe. Anyway, having learned that ordering two mains usually results in us over-stuffed, the darling and I decide to share. We add on a Diced Kobe beef and porcini ragoût in twice baked Idaho potato (MYR45.00), one of the house specialty starters. It's delicious - tastes not unlike a Shepard's Pie, only more tasty. I think the Crab Cakes are the better choice, though.

Moving on to the main "star" of the night - the Blackmore Wagyu Set Menu ($528.00). We choose the 80g Thinly Sliced of Blackmore Wagyu Oyster Blade, Double Beef Consommé Flavored with Asian Spices, Sesame Sauce (MYR60.00 ala-carte).

This. Dish. Is. AWESOME. The thinly-sliced wagyu is served raw in a bowl before the servers pour in the beef consommé which cooks the meat. Using chopsticks, we pick out pieces of beef, dip it in the soy sauce-based sauce, and add noodles, tofu and mushrooms to taste. The slices of meat are exquisitely tender and are full of melt-in-the-mouth goodness. Was so good we contemplated ordering a second helping.

* Oyster Blade is derived from the blade or chuck and is the wedge shape muscle remaining after removal of the bolar blade from the whole blade.

The alternate starter is Inter Costal 140g Blackmore Wagyu Braised in Homemade BBQ Sauce, Soft Mascarpone Polenta with Truffle Oil (MYR58.00 ala-carte).

Moving on to the main: Here's the Charcoal Grilled 170g Blackmore Wagyu Cube Roll - Medium Rare (MYR488.00 ala-carte). I'm a little disappointed that the steak doesn't look anything like the advertisement, and I do feel it could've been served a little more warm, but no complaints on the taste. It's an awesome cut of meat - supremely tender, exceedingly tasty and with a buttery & fatty goodness. You could probably eat this steak even if you had no teeth.

The set comes with sides of Truffle Mashed Potato and Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables. The Mashed Potato is superb as usual - creamy and light with the great taste & smell of truffle oil (though I wouldn't know if the chefs used an Olive Oil substitute instead). The vegetables were a bit on the oily side though.

The dessert of Fresh Wild Berries, Light Whipped Cream, Evian Water (MYR40.00 ala-carte) was a bit of a miss though. For starters, of the 6 different berries here I can only name the Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries. No idea what the other 3 are. In any case these berries are sour! Not able to say if they are supposed to be sour, but the darling and I had a lot of trouble finishing this off.

Final damage was about MYR330 after charges and tax and the 50% Starwood Privilege discount. Was most definitely worth it; though in hindsight we would have probably given the baked potato a miss and added on an additional Blackmore Wagyu starter instead.

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