Thursday, July 1, 2010

George & Dragon Cafe - Johor Bahru

Last week the darling and I took a trip down to JB for a birthday celebration. Darling's Dad, to be exact. Her brother arranged the dinner plans, and so I find myself somewhere in JB standing in front of George & Dragon Cafe.

Wasn't expecting much, but upon stepping foot into the restaurant I must say that I was supremely impressed by the decorations. The cafe is dimly lit; but there's a nice "old England" theme in the walls & lighting that is complemented very nicely by the memorabilia on the walls. So impressed that I forgot to snap more than only this one photo :(

I like stepping into nicely decorated restaurants. It gives you a certain confidence/hope that since so much effort has been put into the decoration; the food should be pretty good, too. So onwards to the food. The Soup of the Day is Cream of Zucchini (MYR7.00). Not too bad, actually.

We also have the Home Cooked Mushroom Soup (also MYR7.00, go figure). While I like that it's more mushroom than cream, I do recall not finding anything special about it.

On to our mains, and I have the Traditional English Fish & Chips (MYR23.00). In a nutshell, this dish was terrible. The batter was tough and soggy, and the fish was bland and tasteless. I guess to be not totally negative - the wedges weren't half bad. Fish was a huge disappointment though, I could beer-batter my own better-tasting Fish & Chips blindfolded and with an arm tied behind my back.

The darling has the Pan Seared Fish with Orange Butter Sauce (MYR23.00). This dish isn't as bad as the Fish & Chips, but other than the novelty of an orange-y sauce on fish, nothing to shout about.

Other dishes that the rest of the darling's family had, starting with the Rosemary Lamb Chop (MYR25.80). This one was pretty good, and the portion was quite big as well. More than enough for all but the heaviest of eaters.

Then here's the Rib Eye Steak (MYR38.80). One of the restaurant's tag lines is "Taste the Best Steak in town." As I'm not from JB I can't comment on the accuracy of that claim, but this steak served in KL with that tagline would be an invitation to a false advertising charge. Sorry lah, I'm just too spoiled by Prime's gorgeous steaks.

I can't remember what this is - I think it's the Red Wine Lamb (MYR29.80). Didn't try it, can't comment.

Dessert is the Orange Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. I think this one cost about $10 or so, it was part of the Rib Eye Steak Set. Didn't taste it either, but from how it looks it couldn't have been anything special (yes yes, book by its' cover, bla bla).

Other than the terrible Fish & Chips, the rest of the food was both decent in taste and decent in price. Unfortunately I don't know whether to advise you to visit or to stay away; don't know the "average" level of JB's restaurants to make a comparison. I will say however that I doubt this restaurant would survive long if it was opened in KL.

Which is a pity, because I do SO love the decoration.

George & Dragon Cafe,
No.1 & 3, Jalan Glasiar, Taman Tasek
80200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
Tel: 07-232 3761 Fax: 07-235 1767

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  1. deary, when will i be able to eat your beer-batter Fish & Chips which you can cook it blindfolded and with an arm tied behind your back.