Sunday, November 21, 2010

L'Atelier Dumont - Cybercity, Ebene, Mauritius.

The place where I'm currently stationed in Mauritius is in Cybercity, in a small township called Ebene. It's kind of like a mini version of Cyberjaya, in that it's all office buildings and nothing else, so food is a big problem - from the building I'm in, I've got a grand total of 2 options for lunch: a cafeteria in another building (10 minute walk), and a food court in a commercial centre (20 minute walk).

So I was pretty surprised when I found out about L'Atelier Dumont, which is a pretty fancy dining restaurant also in CyberCity. It's newly-opened; presumably to cater for all the CEOs in the companies stationed here to entertain guests.

Initial impressions are that it's cozy and nicely decorated - which is perhaps a bit out of place from its' surroundings.

I also have to say that outdoor/open air dining in Mauritius is much more enjoyable in Mauritius, thanks to the weather - it's never higher than 25deg at night.

Starting off with the complementary breads, we're again a tad bit disappointed. Perhaps we've been spoiled by the bread we get from restaurants back in KL, but there's nothing interesting about the rolls we have here. Even the butter is hard, and difficult to spread.

Starter - Heart of Palm salad with Shrimp in Wasabi Mayonnaise (Rs 320). A nice touch is that the waitress pre-split a single helping into two plates for both myself and the darling because we were sharing. A nice touch that all restaurants should adopt.

Never heard of heart of palm? Me neither. According to wikipedia it's expensive and an 'upper-class' kind of food, though to be honest I didn't quite enjoy its' taste/texture.

On the (very polite) waitress'es recommendation I try the Tuna Steak with mashed potatoes (Rs 660). The steak is awesome, perfectly seasoned and cooked. Mashed potatoes were of the chunky rather than creamy variety, and the addition of mint leaves gave it quite an interesting taste.

The darling has Leg of Lamb (Rs 590), with grilled vegetables. Again, great tasting dish - with a tasty peppery gravy that complements the lamb well. Sadly the vegetables were a bit of a miss, due in part to the fact that neither of us eat brinjal/zucchini, hehe.

After two cokes (75 Rs each) and 15% VAT, the bill came up to 1,970 Rs (RM 203.90). All things considered I think it was a bit on the pricey side - especially after factoring in tips (as there is no service charge on the bill).

L'Atelier Dumont is located on the lowest floor of 1 Cybercity, Ebene, Mauritius. Reservations are probably not needed as there aren't that many people there.


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  2. That's cool. I'm gonna visit that place when I spend my holiday at Mauritius. Is that near Pointe Aux Biches Hotel in Mauritius

  3. I live in Mauritius(: