Thursday, November 18, 2010

180deg - buffet restaurant in Le Meridien Ile Maurice, Mauritius

Quickie update!

I'm working in Mauritius on a project, and the cut-over date was over last weekend - meaning I'm approaching my 10th day (in a row) of 12-13 hours at the office, with hardly time to even go to the toilet. Much less any time to blog :) Things are settling down now, though, so I'll steal some time away to post a quick review of the 180˚ restaurant in Le Meridien.

180˚ is the buffet restaurant of the hotel. It's buffet breakfast by day, and by night it has a combined Indian cuisine buffet, and a rotating nationality dinner (japanese -> chinese -> french -> etc). Pic of the buffet area:

We're here for breakfast, and we're seated outside overlooking the swimming pool and the beach/sea further on - it's great. Breakfast starts off with salads and some cold cuts - roast beef with mustard, ham, smoked tuna and smoked marlin ...

... followed by croissants, green tea bread, and some assorted pastries. Delicious! After all, Mauritius being an ex-French colony (and who cater to tons of French tourists), it's probably a given that the pastries are above average (at least).

Next up on the menu, some hot foods - omelette, and assorted sausages (pork, beef and lamb). Surprisingly, the sausages are terrible, which is a stark contrast to the quality level for the rest of the food.

Another closer view of the buffet area - this table holds all the assorted jams and bread.

We also had a buffet dinner here, for which I sort of forgot to take pictures cos I was too hungry, ha ha. Did manage to at least get a shot of some of the great desserts before eating them.

So that was that! Didn't get the price of the breakfast or dinner, but that would be pointless anyway as I'm pretty certain that the only people eating here are those on half-board or all-inclusive packages with the resort.

Overall, other than the breads and pastries which were top notch, the taste, quality and variety of the food was still below a top-tier buffet joint in Kay-El such as Latest Recipe.

And just before ending this post, I've received my first ads payment from FoodBuzz! It's a whole USD 0.01 yo! Thanks for all your support! :)

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