Saturday, November 27, 2010

Photo Spam: Safari trip at Nairobi National Park

If you're ever in Kenya for work, play, holiday, whatever, do make sure you keep at least two days free for Safari at the Masai Mara national park. Unfortunately I only had one day free, so I had to go to the infinitely less awesome nearby Nairobi National Park.

The park is right next to Nairobi, so you can actually see the city in the background! Click here for a bigger version of this picture ~

Anyway, on safari you go in these vans that have the roof cut off so you can stand up and have a 360degree view of the surroundings.

Random shot of the trails.

Dodo? No idea what bird this is, haha.

Buffalo! Yeah I know, 'never see buffalo before meh??' XD

Only saw these two lions the entire trip. And even finding them took almost an hour of stalking and searching.

Zebra ...

More zebras and a kind of animal whose name I don't remember ...

Giraffe. Didn't see many of these either, probably 5 or so.

I remember specifically asking the guide what this animal was ... but I can't remember what he told me :(

More Zebras!

Safari to Nairobi National Park, David Sheldrick's Elephant Orphanage, and detour to Masai handicraft place cost me 11,000 Sh - roughly MYR 430. Was a tad bit expensive cos I went alone - going in a group brings down the per-pax cost considerably.

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  1. The Nairobi National Park is an exceptional preserved region of savannah stretching by the side of the metropolitan capital Nairobi. Renowned for being the solitary reserve all across the world that borders a capital city, this park is regarded as one of the main attractions in Kenya designed for the tourists as well as the locals.