Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Black Steer Restaurant - Trianon, Mauritius

I'm most definitely a carnivore at heart - I love my meat. And of all the meaty dishes, my favorite, top two are probably (i) a good steak, and (ii) a juicy slab of pork ribs. While I've been able to satiate my hunger for steaks marvelously thanks to Prime and other steakhouses in Kay-El, ribs are quite a bit harder to find.

It's for that reason, then, that the darling and I find ourselves at Black Steer. It's a 'chain restaurant' of sorts that I think originated in South Africa, and has somehow found it's way here to Mauritius. We're in the Trianon outlet.

The interior is pretty nice, and closer to a bar/restaurant environment (something like the TGIF and Chili's chains) rather than a sit-down dinner place. There's big screens and TV's everywhere, and also a rather lonely singer/keyboardist in the corner. He was good!

We decide to share a Mixed Starters (270 Rs). This comes with garlic bread, chicken strips, fried calamari, fried cheese and fried mushrooms. Chicken strips were excellent. Cheese also tasted great, but also felt a tad bit too sinful.

Rather than take two half-slabs, we just go for the Mighty Slab of Pork Ribs (575 Rs). Surprisingly, the waiter split the meal to two plates without us having to ask, which was a nice touch. Photograph here only shows half the rack. Most of the rib meat was nice, if a tad bit tough, and the 'edges' were a bit dry. BBQ sauce was finger licking good!

Total bill after drinks, tax, and discount was 944 Rs - roughly RM 97, so that's pretty reasonable and on-par with what you'd pay for a similar meal in Kay-El, too.


  1. Just looking at it, my stomach rumbles. Delicious!
    Are those foods served in Mauritius Hotels ?

  2. I was ther at Dezember 2011. The view to the harbour and the Ocean ist great.