Thursday, December 2, 2010

C-Delights - Steak and Seafood at Quatre Bornes, Mauritius

One thing that sucks about working in Mauritius is that my office is in Ebene, a high-tech 'office park' of sorts that has office buildings and nothing else. There's a distinct lack of reasonably-nearby shopping centres, entertainment, or food joints - sort of like a Cyberjaya-equivalent for you Kay-El readers. So work days are pretty much routine wake up, breakfast at home, work, lunch at cafeteria or lunch from home, work some more, dinner cooked by the darling (highlight of the day!), sleep. Rinse and repeat 4x.

But I digress. C-Delights is a somewhat tricky to find restaurant in the township of Quatre Bornes. It's by the main St. Jean's road, but only has a small signboard advertising its' presence.

On to the food! Garlic Mussels (170 Rs) to start. The garlic butter sauce is delicious, but the mussels themselves are rather dry. Kind of felt like they were pre-cooked and then thrown under a grill or microwave just before serving.

My Large sirloin steak (395 Rs) - ordered Medium. I'm not sure what the origin of this beef is, but it's decently good, and nicely grilled. In Kay-El equivalency it's definitely way below dedicated steakhouses like Prime, but probably on par with The Ship or Victoria's Station.

The darling has a Surf & Turf (395 Rs), which is half a sirloin steak and some fried calamari. The steak is also pretty good, and the calamari is fresh and tasty with a delighfully light and crispy batter.

After drinks and tax, the total bill for two came up to Rs 1,173 (RM 122). While the nearby Black Steer restaurant (that'll come in a future blogpost) is better for a similar price, C-Delights does have the advantage of being halal. Oh, and I do need to mention that I ordered rib-eye instead of the Sirloin that i was served :)

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  1. I love that Mussels. I love seafoods so much. That's what I always order when I get to spend Mauritius Holidays.