Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dim Sum fit for a King's Wallet at Xin Cuisine (Concorde Hotel KL)

It's a good thing that marriage is (supposed to be) til death do us part - so that the Wedding only needs to be a once in a lifetime affair ... because planning for it is a huge headache!

The darling and I are scouting hotels and restaurants in KL to hold our wedding banquet next year - which brings us to Xin Cuisine in the Concorde Hotel, KL. We're here primarily on a scouting mission, checking out the Ballroom and the pre-event areas, but there's also no harm in catching some Dim Sum for lunch :)

Past the doors, the nice entrance corridor opens up to a high ceiling'ed, nicely decorated dining hall. The restaurant can seat a couple hundred diners, and most of the tables are occupied - a full restaurant is (almost) always a good sign!

We're seated in the smoking area because the non-smoking area was full, but it's OK cos nobody was smoking anyway :) ... the 12pm-3pm lunch session is primarily dim sum with some small roasted meats and noodles available for order. We open up with the Minced Pork Congee (with Century Egg, $9.50). It's decent - possibly slightly above average tasting but the congee was a bit too starchy for us.

Moving on to the dim sum with the Prawn Dumpling (RM10.50) - solid but not spectacular, tasty but not delicious.

The Steamed Fish Ball (RM8.50) also falls into the same boat of being merely an above average performer.

Some more seafood next with the Scallop Dumpling coming in at RM13.50 - one can't help but think that the scallops could have been slightly bigger for being over RM5 each; and the relatively bland taste of the scallop was overpowered by the much stronger tasting (and seasoned) meat in the dumpling.

Our last sampling was the King Siew Mai (RM10.50), which is like a pork siew mai topped with a whole, fresh prawn.

We feel that while the dim sum offerings we tried were pretty good, above average tasting and used fresh ingredients, we simply can't stop thinking about how much it costs. After tea and taxes the bill came up to RM67 for the both of us - is the added ambience, service, and slightly more luxurious ingredients worth the steep premium over other places like Jin Xuan? We're not quite convinced.

Prices above are in Malaysian Ringgit. As of time of writing, SGD 1 = MYR 2.41

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  1. ooo, i've heard praise from people who've attended wedding banquets at concorde kl. i think they said the food & service were pretty satisfying :D