Friday, March 16, 2012

Pasta & Pizza with a Japanese Twist at Cafe Takahashi

A little while ago, Pavilion KL opened up a corner on the top floor named Tokyo Street, with a bunch of shops, restaurants, cafe's and stalls selling predominantly Japanese stuff. One of the restaurants here, which seems to be a local start-up, is named Cafe Takahashi and aims to serve up Pasta and Pizza with a Japanese twist. How good is the food, though? Let's find out!

We started off with the Takoyaki, which at RM7.90 was sort of on the pricey side. It wasn't really that good, either - we much prefer the ones sold by Gindaco. In all fairness, Gindaco does specialize in them octopus balls.

Beef Bolognese (RM20.90) comes with toasted nori (seaweed sheets) and an onsen tamago (hot spring egg). I thought it was a pretty decent effort, with nice, thick and meaty bolognese sauce.

If you're not a pasta lover, perhaps the Salmon Cream Pizza might tickle your fancy for rm26.90? The darling and I were mixed on this one - she thought it was "OK," but I thought the salmon was dry and the cheese was a little ... chewy.

For slightly over rm30/person, we feel that Cafe Takahashi serves up some decent food for the price, especially considering the surroundings (even the food court in Pavilion will easily set you back rm10+).

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  1. Always wanted to try this place but I can never go past Santouka or Kampachi whenever I'm craving Japanese at Pavillion! But this is really fushion-ish and the place looks empty sometime! :P