Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tuna Cutting Demonstration at Isetan Scotts.

If you've been following our blog for any time at all, you might have caught on that Japanese cuisine is by far our favorite. And as a subset of that, we're big fans of Sushi/Sashimi ... of which the King of all sushi/sashimi fish is undoubtedly the Oh Toro (fatty tuna belly). So when we found out about a real, live, tuna-cutting demonstration right in our (almost) backyard, we just had to show up and have a look!

According to the Organisation for the Promotion of Responsible Tuna Fisheries (OPRT), the global sashimi tuna market is estimated at somewhere between 360,000 tonnes to 500,000 tonnes a year. That's a LOT of fish, and is a rate of consumption that is FAR higher than the tuna fish in the wild can replenish. So it's awesome that the "hosts" of the demonstration are the folks over at TEN QOO MAGURO, based in Kumamoto prefecture, who only sell sustainable tuna. Or in other words, Tuna raised in a farm rather than fished from the wild.

Anyway, today's farm-raised tuna was 2 years old and weight a remarkable 50kg ... that's a couple kilos heavier than the darling is :) ... the entire cutting process from start to end was about half an hour - which we've summarized in the video below to about 8 minutes. Available in HD! Apologies for the shakiness as it's not easy to hold almost 1.5kg's of camera over your head for half an hour :)

We had earlier requested the "fattiest" part of the tuna belly to be eaten as sashimi ... which the nice people gladly obliged. After all, the fatter the better, right?

... not really. We were perhaps a little underprepared for how VERY fat the cut came out to be. On one hand the freshness and taste of the oh-toro was awesome ... but on the other hand there being more fat than flesh also sort of meant that it was a little fat/oil overload :)

If you want to attend and see the Tuna cutting for yourself, Isetan Scott's Kyushu Fair is still running! There are upcoming cuttings scheduled at 2pm on 21st, 23rd, 24th and 25th March. Do shop up a little earlier to book a front row standing spot!


  1. i think two slices of that fatty tuna would be just enough before the overload hits! but look at this way: you've now satiated your craving for oh-toro for many weeks to come! :D

  2. That looks really really fatty. I'm not sure if I can eat 5 pieces even. :P

  3. $68 for those?? Must be really good!!