Friday, March 30, 2012

Prime Rib & Lobster Tails at Lawry's

I've always loved Prime Rib. I wouldn't say I love it more than a good steak - I think they're both different ways of satisfying my inner carnivore. There aren't many restaurants that serve it, though, and fewer still that specialize in it - one of them being Lawry's!

If you couldn't tell from the sign outside the door, Lawry's is the place to go to for Prime Rib. It isn't by any means a well-kept secret, either - the restaurant is completely full even on a weekday night. In any case, we get the waitress (dressed up in a cute maid uniform) to take our orders, and whet our appetites on the bread roll. Which sort of sucks - it's as plain a piece of bread as plain can be. Good thing the butter's nice!

Every order of Prime Rib comes with Lawry's "signature" spinning salad bowl. I put "signature" in parentheses because while it's a fancy bit of showmanship ... well ... it is just a salad bowl in an ice bath.

Although it tastes rather ordinary, we're impressed that the waitress also hands us chilled forks with which to eat our salads. Nice touch that more restaurants should emulate, really.

We follow-up the salad with Atlantic Lobster Tails (SGD52.00 for two tails). Grilled and served out of their shells with drawn butter - they're fresh, springy and evoke feelings of the sand and the sea.

After we're done, the chef comes over with the Lawry's signature silver cart, and carves the Prime Rib at your table. The different cuts on offer differ only by size / weight: California Cut costs SGD63, Lawry's Cut costs SGD83. Lawry's Cut is a 200gm piece of meat - so adjust your appetites accordingly. Other options are the English Cut (three thin slices) and the Diamond Jim Brady (extra large for extra large appetites) cut.

Served with Mashed Potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding, it's a perfectly tender, pink (almost) all the way through cut of juicy prime meat, generously doused in Lawry's beefy brown sauce. Heavenly! For those of you who squeal at the sight of red steak, it's actually not blood at all. Without going into too much detail, you can probably quite accurately think of it as the juices of the meat.

Dinner here isn't cheap - after taxes it came up to $233 for the both of us, but in our opinions worth the money. As a special occasions kind of place, of course. If you're not a prime rib guy, Lawry's also serves steaks and pork chops; I have no idea if they do those as well as they do the Prime Rib though.

Lawry's is in Mandarin Gallery over on Orchard Road - do make reservations to avoid disappointment. Non-halal.

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