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Xtreme Express Bread / Buns / Rolls Recipe (includes steps & different varieties ideas)

This recipe catch my eyes! It's definately the best bread recipe ever if you're baking bread for the 1st time. Be it if you want your family to have fresh bread daily, if you want to last minute bake some breakfast to bring to office to share.

It's just too stunning and unbelievable that this recipe only takes approx 50mins or 70mins depending on how fast and experience you are... Definately the fastest bread recipe in my bread recipe list that I'm yet to explore!

Yeast Activation Ingredients
50g Fine Sugar
250ml Warm Water or Warm Milk
90ml Olive Oil
2 tablespoons of Dry Yeast or Instant Yeast

In a mixer bowl combine Sugar, Warm Water/Warm Milk, Olive Oil, Dry Yeast/Instant Yeast. Give it a mix and allow it to rest for 15mins and it'll be ready for use.

Rest of the Ingredients
1.5 teaspoon of Fine Salt or Sea Salt
1 Egg
480g Bread Flour or All-Purpose Flour

Preheat overn to 190ºC. Add all the rest of the ingredients in to the Yeast Mixture. Use your mixer dough hook to knead until incorporated or use hand to knead in your mixing bowl.

The dough will be a little sticky at touch but it should not stick on your hand. Scoop out the dough on a flat surface. Slightly Roll out the dough and cut it into approx size required.

Time to design!!! This is a good base bread to bake a loaf, bake buns, bake rolls... It's up to your imagination! Below is my few creations, will be adding more as i continue to create with joy & with curiosity...

After having fun shaping and designing your buns/roll. Cover it with a damp clothe and let it proof for 10mins only. It will kind of double in size (I didn't measure..haha).

Glaze the whole expose area with Egg wash or Melted Butter. Place it in the oven to bake for approx 25mins or until golden brown.

Remove from oven and cool in the tray for 10 to 15 minutes when it's totally cool it can be stored in a air-tight container for breakfast the next day!

Lesson Learnt:
1. Replacement of Warm Milk will give the bread a more milky taste which we love.
2. Bread Flour has 14% to 16 % Protien Content, however, All-Purpose Flour has 10% to 12% Protien Content. To have softer bread All-Purpose Flour is the best. If you want a healtier version, replace half of the flour with Wholemeal Flour.
3. If it is sticky add a little more olive oil and flour.
4. Dust your hands with Flour or oil your hand to avoid the dough from sticking when you're designing your buns.
5. A good size bun will need approximately 78g which is 1/14 dough of this recipe.
6. Do not put the buns too close as it will continue to grow during the baking process.
7. IMPORTANT for small families: Immediately after cut up the dough in to the portions, wrap it in kitchen wrap and store it the following 2 possible ways.
- Storage in the freezer and use within 3months.
- Storage in the fridge is best used within 3days but every 12hours check out the dough and give it a light press to slow down the proofing process.
Do not bake frozen/refridgerated bread dough right out of the fridge/freezer. Allow it to thaw and warm to room temperature first for the best results and to ensure that it will rise properly when baked.

Below is my creations: Good and bad ideas of mine. All here to share! Will update more soon and hopefully add on the step by step guide photos.

Rose Ham Bun : In this picture i'm pretty generous with the Ham. Used 2 round Ham sliced in half. Roll the dough into a worm and line the Hams overlapping each another. Once done, roll up the bread like a snail and place the flat side on the bread paper prepared.
Used 78g which is 1/14 dough of this recipe.

Raisins Invasion Bun : Knead in half a tablespoon of Raisins and shape it nicely before placing it in on the bread paper to proof.
Used 78g which is 1/14 dough of this recipe.

Normal Slice Cheese Bun : Bad choice I would say! Please avoid using normal slice cheese.

Luncheon Meat Bun : Pre-fry the Luncheon Meat and set aside to cool. Flatten the dough to a long rectangular shape, place the Luncheon Meat in the middle and fold it. Place on the bread paper folded side down to proof.

Spicy/Non Spicy Floss Bun : Shape the bun and place on the bread paper to proof. After the bun is cool, spread mayonnaise over the whole top of the bun. Generously press on the Floss and you're done!

Hidden Butter Sugar Bun : Roll the dough out to a round flat shape. Place a 1.5cm cube of butter in the middle and half a teaspoon of sugar. Wrap it up neatly and place on the bread paper to proof.

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