Saturday, October 18, 2014

Is this Product good?::: Tom Yum Noodles with Fish slices, Fishballs, Prawns (A Taste of Peace Brand)

Another good brand to introduce. It's not that spicy which is good for me..haha! However you can add additional chilli to boil or sambal to spice it up to your preference.

Recipe for 2

3 tablespoons of Tom Yum Paste (A Taste of Peace Brand)
2 small bowls of Water
6 Fishballs
250g of sliced Fish
6 Prawns
Spring Onion to use for garnishing
1 packet of Kuey Teow (pre-blenched)

Pre-blench the Kuey Teow and Portion into 2 bowls. Bring the Water to a boild and add in the Tom Yum Paste and stir until well desolved. Place the Fishballs in to cook until it float. Add in the Prawns and Fish and let it boil for approx 3 to 5min. Dish out and portion the ingredients in to the 2 bowls then pour the tom yum soup over and serve HOT!


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