Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prime at Le Meridien KL - Trip #2

New blogpost for a new month! Will be a short and sweet one. Our second visit to Prime we decide to go for appetizers instead of soup and settle for Australian crab cakes, chili flakes, garlic sauce and mango salsa (MYR55.00).

Verdict? Absolutely delicious! The crab cakes are the perfect blend of crispy on the outside, and moist and delicious on the inside. The mango salsa provides a great-tasting garnish, and the sauce complements the crab cakes well.

For our main courses we stick to Australian Black Angus - 200 days Grain Fed Rib-Eye. 12oz/340g (MYR160.00) for me ...

... and 8oz/220g (MYR120.00) for the darling. No sauces, just fresh ground black pepper. Absolutely heavenly.

Steaks are always best eaten medium or medium-rare - if you eat it any more cooked than this then you're missing out on the flavor and juices of the beef!

MYR192.00 for two (after SP discount) seems steep, but it really is very worth it - Prime is by far and away the best steakhouse in Malaysia.

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