Sunday, August 29, 2010

Imperial Garden PJ - Banquet Information

Congratulations to Mr Frankie Su whose beloved son Victor might be back in KL to do wedding luncheon/dinner! Anyways, was helping to check out the banquet information at Imperial Garden, Tai Thong, PJ (the one next to Armada Hotel).

The prices above are nett only if you have 30 tables or more. If you have less than 30 tables, need to add MYR30.00, and +15% (10% for service charge, 5% govt tax), i.e. set A instead of MYR638.00 nett, would be MYR802.70 nett. For that, you still get the following benefits except the 3 crossed-out items:

Here's a view of the big banquet hall. If the big hall is not booked, the restaurant will let you use it irrespective of number of tables; otherwise the smaller party will have to make do with the small hall.

Closer view of the VIP table and stage:

View of the "back" of the small hall:

View of the "front" of the small hall. Small hall only can seat 17 tables max.

Deposit is RM3000.00 (cash) and your booking will only be confirmed upon payment of this deposit. Number of tables must be confirmed 1 week before banquet date, and after that date, only allowed to add more tables (not allowed to subtract/reduce).

Other things ... uh ...
- Parking is MYR3.00 per car, at the basement of the building (Free 1 car for bride/groom).
- Small hall has sound system and projector but don't have karaoke.
- Haven't tried the dinner, but I had dimsum lunch and it was decent (full review to be posted later).

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  1. i had my wedding here last and ambience were superb!