Sunday, August 8, 2010

Restoran Jiann Chyi - cheap seafood in Sekinchan

"Sekinchan is a little town in the middle of the main rice-bowl area of Selangor, in the Sabak Bernam district." Having read lots of stories about how beautiful the place is, and how cheap the seafood is, the darling and I take a short roadtrip to see for ourselves.

Upon arrival, it's immediately evident that we've chosen the wrong time to visit. The padi fields have recently just been harvested, and the farmers are tilling the land in preparation for planting, so no photographs of luscious green fields, or close-ups of almost-ready-to-harvest padi stalks.

Still, there's no denying that there's a certain kampung (village) charm, and it's a great break from the hectic Kay-El lifestyle.

We also pay a visit to the Nine Emperor Gods Temple. You can actually climb up to the top of the two pagodas on the left and right, which gives an awesome view of all the surrounding padi fields.

Our main reason to come here is for the seafood though, and we settle for Restoran Jiann Chyi.

The waitress (or most likely the owner's daughter), recommends Black Shark. It's cooked in a sort of black bean sauce. The cooking style is nice, but the shark meat has a certain fishy aftertaste to it that perhaps is an acquired taste.

No complaints about the King Prawn though. The meat is springy and very fresh, and the cooking style - similar to a dry mabo style with dried chili - is nice.

We round off the meal with stir-fried sweet potato leaves. Not much to comment, it's a vege dish after all, ha ha.

Cost overall including 4 glasses of leong sui (herbal tea) came up to $40.60, which is pretty cheap! Without factoring in the cost of travel, of course. Sekinchan is a nice road trip place; Google shows that there are lots of other things to do such as eel and prawn fishing - and at about 1-1.5 hours drive, isn't that far away.


  1. I wanna play with padi again!!!
    food too spicy... we should have ordered steam prawns so can taste the freshness of the seafood there...

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