Monday, August 9, 2010

Photo Spam: Villa Danieli at Sheraton Imperial, KL

Photo spam! Some photos of our second (and last) trip to Villa Danieli in Sheraton Imperial KL. Gave it a second chance, but still, food is expensive but yet mediocre, and service is poor. Pity, because the decoration and ambience make this one of the nicest restaurants we've been to in KL.

Blogpost for our previous visit: Villa Danieli - Fine Italian at Sheraton Imperial KL.

Carpaccio of Beef:

Carpaccio of Tuna (on bed of cold potatoes):

Fried Calamari:

Prawn Ravioli:

Beef Lasagna:

Seafood in Tangy Marinara sauce:

Beef Steak:

Apologies for, you know, not having the prices. Or the actual proper names of the dishes, kind of forgotten that Villa Danieli doesn't have their menus online :)

Overall, I'm quite disappointed in the quality of restaurants at the Sheraton Imperial - most definitely the worst among the three Starwood hotels (the other two being Westin and Le Meridien, which have awesome places to eat).

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  1. sad food... :(
    but i love the environment the decoration...
    so so lovely... <3