Monday, August 2, 2010

Photo Spam: Hee Lai Ton (喜来登) Restaurant in Seri Kembangan

Starting a new 'series' kind of blog post - Photo Spam! These are meals that I won't be able to provide any meaningful kind of 'review,' or explanation, or information - so just photos for you to drool over :)

Thanks to miseralim, got a free dinner at Hee Lai Ton (喜来登) Restaurant in Seri Kembangan, to celebrate the 11th anniversary of ... erm ... some sort of manufacturers association. Was a 8-course set dinner, of which I don't know the price :)

First dish: Four Seasons (Chinese hors d'oeuvres):

Shark fin soup, with crab meat:

Some sort of fish. I actually asked what the fish name was, but I've kind of forgotten. Nice taste, and has an unusually firm texture.

Roast (fried?) chicken. This is the one that you eat with that salt-mixture.

Fried assorted vegetables with lotus roots and cashewnuts.

Fried rice. This was the only disappointment of the night. The red stuff is flying fish roe and gives an interesting 'crunch' to the rice, but taste was bland.

Desserts. There was also sweet peanut broth (fah sang wu); forgot to take a picture of that.

Overall food wasn't too bad, except for the fried rice, which was a bit of a disappointment. Location:

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  1. Thanks CM for inviting us... ^.^
    didn't know one year pass by so quickly...