Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kim's Korean BBQ in Bandar Mahkota Cheras - Set Lunch

Just a really really short mini-post about Kim's Korean BBQ in Bandar Mahkota Cheras. I'm here not for the Korean BBQ, however, but for the very reasonable set lunch at $10.00.

It seems that it's a Korean thing to always have many many different side dishes to go with the mains. For the set lunch here at Kim's, there are 5 sides (which is a very low number for Korean restaurant standards). The kimchi was quite nice! I don't know why they insist on serving the sides in these mini dishes though. Must be a nightmare for Koreans when they're washing up after dinner - just imagine washing like 30 plates for a family of 5 ...

Anyway back to the topic: I have the Dae-ji Bul-go-gi (Spicy Marinated Pork). It's actually pretty good, and not too spicy - some Korean places can really go overboard in upping the chili level in their dishes.

The MYR10.00 for set lunch also comes with drinks, and if memory serves me right, a slice of fruit, which is a very reasonable price. Definitely worth to check it out if you're in the area and have a hungering for Korean food.

Kim's Korean BBQ
29, Jalan Temenggung 9/9
Bandar Makhota Cheras
Cheras, Selangor

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