Monday, September 13, 2010

Legend's Claypot Briyani House - Taman Sri Serdang

Going through my 50-odd posts so far, there's a distinct lack of Indian-style restaurant reviews - which will be remedied by today's review of Legend's Claypot Briyani House!

Initial impressions are good, as the place is clean, inviting and brightly-lit. Overall a very welcoming feel.

So we sit and have Mango Lassi (a yoghurt-based drink. See wikipedia for more info). Price is pretty similar to other places at about $5.00 per glass, but unfortunately the Lassi is quite watery and a bit bland.

Eldest sister has regular briyani with fried chicken. It's OK - the portions are quite big and the briyani is fragrant.

Obviously we also *have* to try the claypot briyani - we go for kambing (mutton). The mutton is mixed into the briyani before being cooked/re-heated in the claypot, which makes the entire dish fragrant and quite tasty. However there is also a pretty strong aroma/taste of burnt/singed rice, which could be a plus or minus point for you. Portion is a bit odd - a bit too much for all but the hungriest of eaters, but not quite enough for two. Priced at around MYR15.00 it's not cheap, either.

Dad & mum share the Curry Fish Head - at a rate of MYR5.00 per 100gm, this miserable head cost $45. There's hardly any meat on the head, the fish itself isn't very fresh, and the restaurant is so stingy with the 'extras' (something like 3 pieces of ladies' fingers and that's it). The curry is delicious though, if a bit on the salty side, so we end up tapau-ing a big bag of curry for home cooking.

Overall, the food is OK - but I'd say it is a bit overpriced. Can be a tad bit hard to find, too, if you're not from the area, but that shouldn't be a problem in the current age of GPS'es.

Legend's Claypot Briyani House
No.225, Jalan 18/23,
Taman Sri serdang,
43300 Seri Kembangan,


  1. Going to try tday and find the place...hope can find..

  2. dont go this place.. it is very expensive.. not worth of money to eat there..

    1. You cheap!If you want cheap food then go to roadside stalls!

  3. i've ate and for me the amount of food compliment the price. I had to share the briyani with my friends.

  4. Legend's in Serdang is not worth to go and don't get excited with their description on the is extremely expensive..i don't mine of being expensive if the amount of serving is big..the serving is just for babies to eat..

  5. hey g the food is worth 4 money actually..if u dun have money to eat there means dont tell like tat the food is really superb...

  6. nowadays they're lacking in taste and they're stingy with the side dishes. the briyani they give alot, but the cucumber acar and curry they give in tiny plates - which is not enough for even half of the briyani. and it's too spicy also.

  7. They must be joking when they advertise themselves as "specializing in briyani". I have tasted their briyani. I find it funny when its not tasty at all but claiming themselves specializing in bryani. But I think their thaalis sets are okay.acceptable.but not the briyani. n yeah its kinda xpensive for not so quality food.

  8. the food in legend is not fresh
    all frozen food jst heatup in microwave n serveincluding the briyani