Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yyu Yuan Restaurant - Tanjung Bungah, Penang

Short short off-topic: Happy 100th birthday to my grandma! I don't actually know what her name is cos I only ever call her "ah-poh." Way to go perfect grandson! Anyway my grandma is damn strong for a 100-year old. Can walk can talk can hear can eat can sing!

Anyway we're in Penang, and we actually try out a new(ish) restaurant in Tanjung Bungah - Restoran Yyu Yuan. Don't have the address, but it's in a row of shophouses along Jalan Tanjung Bungah, I guess somewhat around the Penang Swimming Club.

Starting off the dinner is their four seasons. Just about average - the food is nice but not spectacular.

Shark-fin soup is also a bit average. It's got an interesting taste - not as bland as normal shark-fin soup, but it's also a tad bit too starchy for my tastes.

The herbal chicken is pretty good taste-wise, and the chicken is nicely infused with all the herbs. However the breast meat is surprisingly dry.

Steamed Fish. Forgot what kind of fish it was, hehe. Fish was fresh and was steamed quite well, too!

Curried fish slices was again, only average.

Mixed vegetable with (fake) abalone slices. Or should I say mushroom slices. Nothing spectacular about the dish.

Prawns ~ wasn't really blown away by this dish either. The prawns themselves were quite fresh, and the cooking style/taste isn't half bad.

Finally, the 'stomach filler' noodles. Starchy, unimpressive.

There was also a dessert - a kind of honeydew chunks in a sago pudding-like cold base. All this for about MYR300.00 per table of 10 people, means that the dinner was actually very very reasonably priced. Yes, I've mentioned that the dishes aren't special, but at this price range it's a pretty decent/solid price/quality ratio.

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