Monday, September 27, 2010

Boathouse - Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Short story time! The darling and I were hunting for a place named Las Carretas the other day. We found it on the opposite side of the highway, but after half an hour of fruitless wandering we couldn't figure out how to get there, so we said f it and decided to go to Boathouse over in TTDI instead (on Gim Siang's recommendation), where we happily bumped into a bunch of old high school mates who I hadn't met in ages!

OK fine, you had to be there.

Anyway on to the food! Boathouse apparently has been around for quite a while. Initial impressions are great. The restaurant has a nice cozy feel, and can be quite romantic. Service is nice, with friendly waitresses. Lots of interesting touches too, like the bar which doubles up as an aquarium. Drink your beer and look at fish at the same time!

Kind of goes downhill from there, though. The Onion Soup is basically Tomato Broth with some onion stirred in. And with a slice of cheese. I'm all for fusion and experimentation in food, but when I order Onion Soup I expect it to be mainly about the onion, and not about the Tomato.

Fried Calamari was pretty decent - however the serving portion is mostly just all salad and not much squid.

Spaghetti Carbonara with beef bacon and sturgeon roe - disappointing. We've read some other food bloggers describing it as 'creamy,' but we'd think a more apt description would be 'watery.' And a bit lacking in taste & flavour.

Finally, we also have the Sausages and Mash. The dish comes with 3 long sausages - chorizo, beef, and ... lamb, I think. Or chicken. Can't remember, ha ha. Sausages were 'ok' - definitely much better than your Ramly brand supermarket sausages, but still quite lacking if compared with deli places like Jarrod & Rawlins. The dish is served with non-pork bacon and ham - possibly turkey, chicken or beef. Which doesn't really matter cos bacon and ham must be pork, or else it is just not nice.

The deco, service and ambience mean that this is a great place to come hang out, chug a few beers and munch on some tidbits, but if you're looking for a serious food journey you'd be best spending your money elsewhere. Dinner wasn't cheap - the soup, starter + 2 mains cost us about MYR90-ish after tax and service charge.

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