Saturday, May 22, 2010

Latest Recipe buffet dinner at Le Meridien KL

This post will be different! Latest Recipe being a buffet-style restaurant, there's so many different choice of food that it would take ages to list down everything I tried - so it'll be mostly be just pictures, pictures and more pictures :)

So anyway, rounding out the 3rd restaurant in Le Meridien, the darling and I take a trip to Latest Recipe. The first thing you see when you walk in the door are the three chocolate fountains.

There's a raw seafood bar with oysters, mussels, and some sort of shellfish (I'm great at this, aren't I? Ha ha).

Some chinese dumplings. For some reason we totally forgot about trying this so we have no idea if it's a starter, main course, or dessert.

The indian food corner! Briyani is nice and so is the spinach with cottage cheese. I also liked the lamb masala, but the tandoori lamb was a bit dry.

Japanese corner - sushi. Limited choices, but the fish are very fresh.

Japanese corner - teppanyaki. We order a portion of scallops and cod fish. The cod fish is much delicious, but I don't really like the cream sauce that the scallops came drenched in.

Malaysian corner. Didn't try any of the dishes here this trip due to limitations of the stomach. Next visit!

BBQ corner. Lamb and sausages are great, but the beef steak was a bit dry and tough.

Noodle corner. Didn't try anything - the spirit was willing but the stomach was full :P

Roast beef corner. Roast beef! Haven't had it in ages. Was yummy.

Chinese food corner. Judging from the two unmolested chickens I'm guessing I'm not the only one who skipped Chinese.

Dessert & Tapas corner.

Other dessert corner. In my opinion the dessert table is the most disappointing table in the restaurant. Not much choices, and none of the desserts really appealed to me much.

Chocolate fountains were fun to play with though. Here's the darling enjoying herself ^_^

To end the night we have teppanyaki ice cream. Basically you choose your ice cream, choose your toppings from these ... drawers ...

... and the chef minces and mixes everything up for you teppanyaki style. End product looks disgusting but tastes delicious.

At MYR108++ (comes up to about MYR124) per person, the buffet dinner at Latest Recipe isn't exactly cheap. But the sheer variety of the dishes and the above-average quality for most of them make it decent value, even compared to more popular buffet joints (example Jogoya). With our Starwood discount it's MYR62/pax which makes it a steal :)

Latest Recipe is in Le Meridien KL, in KL Sentral.

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  1. great place! Definitely will try out!