Saturday, January 8, 2011

ABC (Air Batu Campur) @ PJ SS2 Medan Selera

This is my very first post on food-blog post to introduce you guys to some places that i have actually went to since dear is at his work trip at Nairobi, Kenya. There are more to come soon from both of us so keep clicking, research here before you set your gathering with friends and check our reviews to have more confidence in where you're heading to. :)

In search for a different version of Air Batu Campur (ABC)?

It's time for you to actually head to SS2 Medan Selera Stall 28 and try this version! Amazingly, my whole family loves it and also my uncle & aunties will pop by frequently if we're in a mood for some after-dinner ABC. It's worth trying it as your dessert if you're there for your meals.

This amazing bowl of Air Batu Campur, without fail the consistency of ice and syrups is just right. It consists of a mountain of snow ice with coconut milk, evaporated milk, gula melaka, along with generous toppings of red bean, cendol, cincau, corn, jellies & peanuts. These treasures lying above the mountain
of snow ice blends pretty well together to quench your thirst & solve your semi-sweet tooth.

You're also able to get different fresh fruit juices and soya bean drink from this stall.

Each bowl cost MYR2.50

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