Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sandwiches Exploration ::: KFC Chicken Sandwich

Running out of ideas for a extreme simple meal? Are there times where you dun know what to have for breakfast or pack meals you can make to bring to office for a busy day? Wondering what to do with the leftover KFC Chicken?

Here is something that is extremely simple to make. Back in Mauritius, actually dear was like super into KFC!!! When we line up we both was extremely hungry so we actually ordered our takeaway way too much, we actually tried our best to finish but can't eat the other leftovers of the Crispy chicken Strips.

This is where a crazy idea comes to me... To have KFC Chicken Sandwich for breakfast!

4 slices of Wholemeal Bread (chosen since it is healthier!)
2 Kraft Cheese
4 slices of Chicken Strips sliced 5mm thick
Tomato Sauce

Sandwich making steps:::
1. Spread Mayonnaise on the Wholemeal Bread.
2. Place a slice of cheese!
3. Arrange the sliced Chicken Strips on top.
4. Since i like my sandwich to be styled, Draw strips of tomato sauce on top.

Waalaaa~ It's done.

From this picture you can see that it's an open sandwich without another bread on top. Haha! It's up to your creativity and depending if you would like to have more bread for a more full meal. However, I would suggest to add some lettuce and probably some tomatoes on top of the following steps for a more healthy diet and sandwich it with another slice of wholemeal bread.

Look out for more sandwich explorations coming up soon!

Click here for our blog page Breakfast, Desserts, & Snacks Ideas for more recipes. Hope you will be inspired~

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