Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bear Day Out - Exploring Singapore's MRT!

Hi hi!

Chiaki here, hijacking this blog because I don't know how to create a new one

Anyway today Natsuko and I went to take MRT on our own! We were looking at the signboard but it was a bit of a problem because bears can't read!

Well a friendly passer-by told us to take the "Pasir Ris" MRT, so we sat down to wait for the next train ...

Then another friendly lady with a loud voice told us the train was coming so we went to the door to get ready to board. It's funny though because we couldn't see the lady at all even though her voice was so loud.

There was a very nice corner for us to sit! It's nice being small so that both of us could share one seat!

But halfway through the journey an old lady asked us to move because we were sitting in the "reserved seat." It wasn't our fault! Bears can't read so we didn't sit in her seat on purpose. So I had to stand up and hold on to the hand rails because the train driver wasn't very good, the train was jerking so much.

Finally we reached home, it was so fun learning how to take the MRT by ourselves :)

Chiaki and Natsuko are the Disney Bears (originating from Tokyo DisneySea) and were originally named Duffy and Shellie Mae. They share more of their adventures and misadventures on their FaceBook pages here and here.

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  1. heheh, really cute! i love the fluffy little bears :D