Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fish & Chips and Tom Yam Spaghetti at Hob Nob Cafe Bar

Hob Nob Cafe Bar is a little hidden gem in a corner of Singapore's iconic Orchard Road. Nestled comfortably on the 3rd floor of Far East Shopping Centre, it's a small and cozy 20-seater (at most) joint where you can kick back with some solid food to relax after a day's worth of shopping.

Liquid refreshment - Iced Bailey's Cream ($6.80) and Orangina (SGD3.30). If you're wondering why we hardly have any alcohol on the blog, it's because neither myself nor the darling have any measurable alcohol tolerance. Well, we can sort of polish off a Bailey's Cream-sweetened coffee between us, but not much more than that :P

For starters we share the Mussels for SGD11.80. There was a longer and better name for the dish but I sort of forgot what it was, sorry! Something-something garlic cheese baked mussels or other. Came slightly overcooked, and I would have preferred a little more moisture - a garlic butter sauce to slurp with, perhaps?

The fish and chips (SGD9.80) came highly recommended - it's supposedly one of Singapore's Top Ten, but I found that rather hard to believe. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad, in fact for a breaded fillet of Dory it was pretty solid. But "top ten" good? I'll reserve judgement since I haven't had tried many other fish n chips elsewhere in the island republic. To me beer batter trumps breaded fish n chips any day of the week :)

The Tom Yam Seafood Spaghetti (SGD14.80) was surprisingly very good. I'd have preferred the pasta to be slightly more al dente, but the seafood was fresh and the cream-based tom yam sauce was good! Sour and Spicy just like any good tom yam soup is. If you're not a strong chili eater do request "not so spicy" though, because even this wimpy hotness level already gave quite a kick.

For under SGD20 per person (excluding drinks), Hob Nob is pretty good value for money. It's also in the much quieter Far East Shopping Centre, so it's perfect to get some chow in a quiet and peaceful environment - because you won't get that in any other (decently priced) restaurant along Orchard Road. No queues, too!

To get to Hob Nob Cafe Bar from the Orchard MRT Station, walk through the underpass from Ion Orchard to Wheelock Place. Take the escalator up to ground level, exit, and you should be able to see Far East to your left (i.e. moving further away from the main shopping areas). Non halal.


  1. cool, catchy name for a cafe. i've always liked the word 'hobnob' :D alcohol tolerance can be slowly built up through practice, if you like. heheh =)

  2. Ha ha believe me I've tried, but my body lacks the enzyme to digest alcohol or whatever, 2 drinks is enough to K.O. me, 3 drinks is vomit time :P