Friday, December 16, 2011

How to speed ripen a mango?

What do you do with when you're mangoes are not ripe enough to serve your guest?

Not ripe enough to use to make your Mango Pudding?

Not ripe enough to use in your cooking dishes?

Don't panic, let me share my experience here. An easy way to speed ripen the mangoes!

Most of the time, mangoes that are shipped and sold at your local stores before it is fully matures to prevent damage during transportation and prolong the shelf life. Normally, hard mangoes will ripen on their own if it is left alone 3-4days at room temperature.

Things you need:::
1 Brown Paper Bag
Paper Clip
1 small Apple (Optional)
8 or more hours
How to speed ripen a mango?

Step 1
Put the mangoes in to the paper bag.
Mango releases natural ethylene gases that helps it's ripen doing this it traps the gases around the fruit in the paper bag to speed the process.

Myth::: You can level up the speeding process by putting a small apple in with the mangoes.
How to speed ripen a mango?

Step 2
Fold the top of the paper bag and secure with a paper clip.
How to speed ripen a mango?

Step 3
Open the paper bag after 8hours, to check on our mangoes.
Many Varieties turn a deep peachy-yellow when ripe, but some remain green.

Step 4
Hold the stem end and give it a sniff. It should smell fruity and sweet. Slightly soft to the touch too. If it doesn't put it back into the paper bag and check on it again in another 8hours.

A little kitchen tips from me to you... ^^

Mine turns out pretty well... See!!!
Mango..Mango..Mango Pudding - everyone loves it~!!!

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