Sunday, December 18, 2011

Koo Kee Dumpling & Ramen House - Chinese Ramen?

I have to admit to being somewhat confused about Koo Kee Dumpling & Ramen House. After all, "Ramen" normally is used to describe the Japanese version of the noodle soup dish - even Wikipedia agrees. So it was surprising to find out that Koo Kee wasn't a Japanese restaurant - it was a Chinese one!

The restaurant serves cuisine somewhat similar to Dragon-I or Din Tai Fung - there are some Chinese style dishes available on the menu but the main draw is La Mien (Chinese style noodle soup) with some dim sum. My choice for the night is the La Mian with Ginseng Chicken (SGD8.80). The noodles are utterly ordinary; however the soup was surprisingly very good! Unlike the Korean-style Sam Gye Tang which most places serve bland & tasteless, this bowl was full of delicious chicken & ginseng flavour. I ended up only eating half the noodles but slurping up all of the soup.

Everything sort of goes downhill from there, though. The Juicy Meat Dumpling (小籠包, SGD6.00) was decent taste-wise, but the dumpling skin on the top was too thick and left too much of a "dough" taste in the mouth.

The darling has the Shanghai Fried Noodle, which at SGD12.80 is the most expensive La Mian dish on the menu, and we can't figure out why.

I mean ... this is what her reaction was to the dish:

The noodles were very oily, and tasted very bland. The darling had to overload the noodles with chili just to make them edible.

Overall we would not recommend this joint ... unless you're in the mood for some ginseng chicken soup.

Koo Kee is located in the basement of Parkway Parade, just in front of Cold Storage. Non-Halal.

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